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[Aikawa-cho Sumida]Inspection support of the glass

  • お仕事番号 sumida2a
  • バイク通勤可
  • 日払い
  • 未経験大歓迎
  • 男性活躍中
  • 車通勤可
  • 週払い
  • 長期歓迎
[Aikawa-cho Sumida]Inspection support of the glass

[Work] work contents

・It is work to support inspection of the glass of the car.

・I stand with a product and take it down.

・It is a feeling such as the plastic rather than glass.

・It is the mild feeling that stands, and is work.

・The weight of the product becomes 5-10㎏.

・Hourly wage 1,200 yen

・If you talk of Japanese can be


[a point] various one welcome

・20-50 years old      welcome

・inexperienced   welcome

・man             welcome

・foreigner        welcome

・motorcycle     welcome

・car             welcome

・in overtime      30H/moon


[service] a lot of nice servicek

・social insurance perfection

・There is a payment system in payment & week on a day

・paid vacation

・I lend it at the time of the working clothes need

・medical treatment legal guarantee including the overtime&holiday

・lunch carry-on is possible

・dining room&locker is available


[please talk willingy]

Please teach work location and work contents☆

Until TEL 080-3026-0848 adoption charge

FAX 042-733-4969

業種 車・バイク・重機系
職種 検品・検査・調整
給与 時給 1,200円
交通費 なし
勤務地 Ataigawa-cho, Aiko-gun Sumida / Harataima Station  for car 10
勤務期間 A long term(more than three months)
勤務曜日 月火水木金 / Regularly
休日・休暇 Saturday,Sunday(I follow dispatch calendar)
勤務時間 [1] 08:30~17:15
雇用形態 派遣